How to travel by bus comfortably

How to travel by bus comfortably: Bus trips can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially if they are very long, and if we do not have a distraction to spend time with. Therefore, here are some tips to make long bus trips as comfortable and entertaining as possible.

Clothes to wear

To start with, it is essential to wear comfortable clothes for long bus trips. Therefore, forget tight clothes and shoes, hairstyles with hairpins and tight rubber and, in general, any accessory or clothing that can be annoying. In other words, wearing sportswear is usually a good option.

It is also advisable to wear a coat. Because we don’t know if the air conditioner can be very cold.

Plan the dates

You have to plan in advance to avoid dates that coincide with holidays, or general vacations, so that the trip does not become terrible because of the queues and traffic jams.

Certainly, following these tips, the bus trip will become a pleasant experience that will take us to the chosen destination in a comfortable way.


How to travel by bus

A good option for long bus trips is to play some music, play movies or reading to make the journey more bearable. Therefore, today, with any smartphone this is simple to carry out.

Headphones that isolate us from external noise, along with some music, can help us relax and have a more pleasant trip or even take a nap without being disturbed.

Do stretching

stretching exercises for legs, arms and trunk. In addition, to reactivate blood circulation and reduce swelling in areas such as ankles, feet and hands, you must perform circular movements with your feet.


We must carry a small bottle of water. We may thirst in the middle of the trip and until the next stop we will not be able to drink if we do not carry water with us. The buses have air conditioning in summer, but in those times it is convenient to hydrate very well, although we will not be hot.

As for meals, it is advisable not to make heavy meals before the trip, because it can get even heavier if we have to bear it during the trip.

Looking out the window

The places that we can see through the window is, for many, the best of traveling by road, since buses access places that other means of transport do not get.

Enjoying the landscape is a unique experience and it is what makes many people like to travel by bus.

Taking advantage of the stops

Another recommendation of how to travel by bus comfortably is the optimal use of the stops. From time to time, the bus makes stops to rest and stretch your legs. So you have to take advantage, to enjoy the place around us and try some typical product of that area.

All the towns, where it usually stops, have some characteristic food product. Try it and you will discover new flavours that will not disappoint you. You can even take the opportunity to take them for the trip.

Bus facilities      

Buses covering long distances are better equipped than city buses. Use these extra bus facilities in your favour:

  • The seats can recline more, so you can rest better.
  • If the bus is equipped with WIFI, sit in the first seats and you will get a better signal.
  • Connect your electronic devices to the power or USB if the bus is equipped with them. You will get less bored.
  • Take advantage of special bus seats such as those in front and behind the back door. In the first ones you can rest without disturbing the person behind.

Travel in company

Company trips tend to be much shorter if we join them with entertaining conversations and laughs. On the other hand, in the case of traveling alone, ignore shyness and start a conversation with your travel companion (if he is not busy at all), making the trip something much more entertaining for both. It can be the beginning of a new friendship.

Travel at night

One of the best options to make long bus trips shorter is undoubtedly sleeping during the journey. In addition, to sleep during the trip you can get to the bus tiredly, having slept less the night before or take advantage of the sleep that comes to us at the time of the nap to sleep there.

On the other hand, we recommend carrying a travel cushion for the cervical. These cushions are very good for us not to have pain and bad postures of the neck and do not shake during the trip.

In the case of traveling at night, without a doubt, sleeping during the trip is most common. And if the noises do not allow you to fall asleep, do not forget some earplugs or headphones that isolate.

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