Tourist places in Bocas del Toro

Tourist places in Bocas del Toro: There are too many extraordinary things to do in Bocas del Toro to list. This is a destination to get away from the cold and sad season. This tropical paradise, located in northern Panama, near the border with Costa Rica, offers a lot of sandy beaches and much more. Blue waves, green forests golden as sun, and breath-taking views await you.

We list tourist places in Bocas del Toro and the activities you can enjoy in this heavenly place:

Visit Punta Bluff

After taking a break, continue cycling north along the coast to Punta Bluff. This scenic place has high and powerful waves that only the most adventurous surfers will try to ride. Be careful with the surf tides here, swimming is NOT safe or recommended.


It is no longer a secret that Bocas del Toro has the best waves in Panama, but what many do not know is that it is one of the best places to learn to surf in Panama. There is no destination in Panama with so many options of surf camps and high quality surf schools to learn to surf.

Visit the Barú Volcano National Park

The maximum elevation of the country is 3 thousand 475 meters above sea level is located in it. It is home to species such as quetzal and carpenter, observable in the months of April and May approximately.


The best places for diving are in Almirante Bay (Bahía de Almirante). Where coral reefs are most protected, the water is usually clear and there are no waves. Notable are Punta Hospital and the Jardín, at the tip of Solarte Solarte clave; Mangrove Punto, Big Baight and Boca del Drago, on the coast of the bay of the Island of Colon; the reefs surrounding Clave Arrastre; Cristóbal Luz and Cristóbal Uno, on the coast of Isla de Cristóbal and Cayos Zapatillas, in the Bastimentos Island National Marine Park.

The reefs in this sector of Bocas del Toro islands are very healthy, with a large population of corals and coloured sponges. Most reefs fall very gently to the bottom. A different and unique type of snorkelling attracts some visitors to the mangrove islets of the Marine Park.

Tourist sites in Bocas

Water clarity.

Due to the clear waters, divers can see the beauty and colours of life in mangrove roots: sponges, fire corals, casiopeas, starfish, crabs, crawling and swimming in or between the roots. Other fish find refuge in this impressive underwater forest, which is also the cradle of many species.

On the sea side of the archipelago, visitors can dive in the small coral reefs of Bastimentos Island, which are beyond the beaches, such as Ola Chica, and near key wild cane. The outer part of the reefs of cayos zapatillas are not appropriate to snorkel, due to the prevailing north wind, which creates great waves that break in the reef.

In addition, these reefs, facing the open sea form walls 10 to 40 feet high, with small caves that house fish and crabs. This form of reefs makes it difficult for the snorkeler to have a good view of the corals, which in any case are not as healthy as those in the bay.

Bahía del Almirante

Bahía del Almirante is one of the few places in the world where you can see bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in their habitat, surrounded by mangrove forests. In addition, dolphins like these calm waters to have their offspring. They often cross the grooves left by the boats and sometimes approach the swimmers and play with them.

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