How to learn to swim: Initial tips

Swimming is one of the most complete exercises that exist, in which exercises of legs, arms, and cardio are performed at the same time. As a result, it is a very fun way to exercise. To learn to swim clearly the most important thing is the armful. It is where we achieve the greatest momentum. Next in this article, we will teach you how to learn to swim.

How to learn to swim: Learning to float

First to start floating you must do it near someone who takes care of you, in a place that has no stream, not very deep so you can step on when you need it. Those are the conditions to learn to float.

Ways to overcome fear

Subsequently, the most important thing is to be calm, focused and relaxed. To overcome the fear of swimming we must take a breath, hold our breath and dive.

Then, once underwater you start to take out all the air through the nose, when you go back to the surface you continue to draw air through the nose. To clarify this is done in order not to swallow or breathe water. Later, with practice you will be able to swim and get your head out to breathe and dive again.

In the same way, we must clarify that losing fear will not be overnight, we must be constant. Another exercise to lose fear is, to put yourself in a foetal position in the water, your face will be submerged and your back will surface.

First you must hold your breath and when you have to breathe you must stand firmly and get your head out. This exercise, as a result, will help you control your body underwater.

It is also important to make ‘arrows’. This exercise involves taking some momentum and moving forward with the body upside down completely upright. You have to be very straight and lift your hip. This will help you to have balance in the water and improve your posture.

Do not panic

Always remember that you have a resource if you can’t handle the depth or you just can’t move your limbs, remember that you can float on your back. Therefore, do not shake your body or start breathing quickly if you cannot swim. Simply stand on your back as straight as you can and let the water charge you as you regain your composure.

Wears goggles

How to learn to swim

Wearing protective goggles can make you feel more comfortable opening your eyes underwater can allow you to see clearly. Look for a pair of protective goggles with spongy circles around the eyes and dive into the water.

This type of goggles will stick to your skin. Adjust the tape behind your head so that the goggles are tailored to your needs.

Security advice

If you are still a beginner, never try to swim deep in the pool, unless you are an adult who can swim at an excellent level.

Be extremely careful when swimming in quick water, such as in the ocean or a lake. Surely, the surf currents can suddenly pull you down.

Never swim if there is a lightning storm. Sometimes, they hit the water and can give a discharge to everyone in it. If you can hear the thunder, lightning could strike you.

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