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Isla Colón Bocas del Toro, Avenida B. – Show more hotels in Bocas del Toro

Located next to the residential area, you will delight in the daily experiences of the locals, you will enjoy the oldest bakery in Bocas del Toro.

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This memorable place is anything but ordinary....

  • 50mts2sft
  • 1 Number of Beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Beach access
  • Kitchen
  • Long Stays
  • More....
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Number of Adults
per night

What is the capacity of each room?

The maximum capacity of each room is two (2) people. If you need for a stay of four (4) people, for example, you need to reserve two (2) rooms.

What does each room include?

Each room is equipped with all the comforts for your stay: Size: 50mts2. Breakfast is included, per room. Queen size bed. Executive fridge. full bathroom. 42 inch TV. Internet WIFI) Air-conditioning. Blackout curtain. Beach access.

Is the transfer included in my reservation?

No, although once you finish your reservation you can select if you want the type of transfer you need, pick-up only, take-out only, or both. **Prices appear in this section.

Where is the hotel located?

El Hotel está ubicado en Isla Colón Bocas del Toro, Avenida B, donde tendrá acceso a tiendas de comida, restaurantes, discotecas y todas las comodidades para que su estadía tenga la mejor experiencia.