Bocas del Toro: Gastronomy and drinks

Bocas del Toro: Gastronomy and drinks. If you have the idea of visiting Bocas del Toro, we can tell you that it makes a difference from other regions for its Caribbean cuisine, which is based mainly on dishes where seafood abounds.

Bocas del Toro has a true wealth of gastronomic offer for such a small town. There are many places for typical, cheap and rich food such as fried fish, bananas, stewed chicken and rice with coconut. There are also restaurants that serve food from around the world with fresh and local ingredients. You will find Caribbean, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, and Indian dishes. There are vegetarian options and healthy wraps in a school bus converted into a restaurant. Some restaurants are in front of the street and others are on the water, look for what you are looking for, you can probably find it here in Bocas del Toro.

Among some best known dishes of Bocas del Toro we have:


This dish is well-known throughout the region for its variety of fillings. You can find them filled with meat cut into small pieces and stewed. This preparation is given the name of patty, and you can also find empanadas made from banana with this same filling, this is called plantin tat.

Rice with Coconut

You will delight your palate with this mixture of fish and coconut cooked with rice its preparation is simple and its flavour surprising.

Stuffed fish

Bocas del Toro: Gastronomy

You cannot miss trying this delicious dish that will make you delight the perfect combination of fish and seafood with the essential essences of this distinguished region

Fufu Broth

If after a beach afternoon, you want to eat something light we recommend this consommé, its preparation is based on fish and some vegetables you will love its flavour.

The cod with akke

Well known in this region for its incomparable flavour and mixture of fresh ingredients.


Among the traditional drinks we can mention:

  • Aicen glas «Seaweed Smoothie».
  • Michila «cream of ripe banana with coconut milk».
  • Muogo «green banana with coconut milk».
  • Sarril.

Typical sweets

Sweets made of Yucca

If after eating a good typical dish of this region you want to try a traditional sweet, do not wait anymore, enjoy yourself with that delight that will surprise you with its ingredients.

The Bon

This bread is very popular among the population and tourists who have had the pleasure of delighting in its flavour and variety of ingredients with which this bocatoreña delight is prepared.

Pineapple or raisin pie

Also very well-known and always present in the menus of Bocas restaurants.

If you are visiting this region, do not miss the opportunity to try these dishes and share your experience with us.

The turrets made of cod

You cannot miss trying this Caribbean delight, I assure you, you have not eaten anything similar in your life.

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